Play Typing Dance Mat Level 2-4 Game

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Play Typing Dance Mat Level 2 Stage 4 game online. Keys: t and y.
Stage 4 focuses on the row above the home row, i.e. the upper row on your keyboard. It consists of the letters q, w, e, r, t, y, u, i, o, and p. However, from amongst these, we have already covered the keys e, r, u, and i, in Level 1. So, the remaining keys are focused on in this level, beginning with Stage 4 that covers the keys t and y.
We should really fill out the key board a bit more, and this time, we add T and Y to the mix. This stage will help you learn to cover more ground, get used to the essential vowels of E, R, U, and I and flex those fingers, ensuring that your left and right hands are covering their respective keys

How to play : Use keyboard to type letters.
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