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Description: Play Word Slamm. Strategize and plan ahead in order to pass each level by making a high-scoring word. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by making high-scoring words. As letters drop down into your rack from the top of the screen, you must drag them to make a word. The letters need not be right next to each other. As long as they are in order, the letters can have extra spaces in between them. Click the faster button to make a letter move down into the rack quickly. Above the rack is the holding area, which is where you can place unwanted letters. You can move letters within the rack and also back and forth between the rack and holding area by dragging them to an open space as well as by switching them. One way to switch is by clicking on one letter, which will highlight it, and then clicking on another to trade places with the highlighted letter. Another way to switch is just by dragging one letter over another. This latter method of switching can be done within the rack or from the holding area to the rack but not vice versa.
How to play : Use mouse to play.
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